About Us

Natural History Productions (NHP)

Producing professional, high quality & long lasting displays & exhibits.

Natural History Productions (NHP) has a strong history in the design, manufacture, installation & maintenance of interpretive displays & exhibits. Our clients include Museums, Zoos & Wildlife Parks Visitor & Cultural Centres, the Tourism & Private Industry.

We bring your ideas alive with practical & cost effective solutions.

From research, development, concept & design, through to production & placement, NHP skillfuly manages a wide range of projects, big or small. We create detailed custom made items, manage logistics on larger works & oversee specialist contractors.

NHP provide a specialist services to undertake repairs & upgrades to existing displays.

We pride ourselves on thorough research & realism combining well-practiced techniques & modern materials.

Understanding the project objectives is very important to us, so we can achieve the best quality outcomes. NHP meet regulatory & OHS requirements & will work within your budget. Most Importantly….We get the job done!

Below are some Local & International clients:

Melbourne Zoo (Australia)

Kakadu National Park (NT Australia)

Litchfield National Park (NT Australia)

David Lancashire Design (Melbourne Australia)

National Museum (Canberra Australia)

Crocosuarus Cove (Darwin Australia)

Clyde Peelings Reptile land (Allenwood USA)

St Augustine Alligator Farm (Florida USA)

ABOUT THE FOUNDEREwin Wood established NHP in 2007. He brought a wealth of experience to the business.

MUSEUM PREPARATOR – During 12 years at the Museum of Victoria Ewin was trained in traditional & modern museum techniques & procedures. He worked as an Exhibition Preparator, developing skills, many of which are now very rare . During this time he worked alongside some of the best Preparators & Taxidermists in the Country. He became proficient in the use of materials such as plaster, wax, rubber, fibreglass, foam, timber, steel and modern plastics. Also in many painting mediums & techniques. Some of the images in this website show work carried out whilst Ewin was employed at the Museum of Victoria & the Melbourne Museum.  

EXHIBITION PRODUCTION – As a Museum Preparator Ewin worked with many professionals such as curators, scientists conservators, designers, photographers, engineers & cabinetmakers. Here he gained a fundamental understanding of exhibition production. Through this experience he clearly understands the need for high quality design, construction & production.

FREELANCE PREPARATOR – After leaving the Museum Ewin continued as a freelance Preparator for several years, working for government departments, aboriginal organisations, tourism operations & private individuals.

TODAY – With this experience Ewin knows the industry well. As the director of Natural History Productions he & his support of artists, scientits & tradespeople, continue to work on a great variety of displays & exhibits.

“Natural History Productions will add a lasting quality to your next project…”