Dinosaur Build – National Museum Australia

To date, the Muttaburrasaurus is one of the largest and most significant dinosaur fossils found in Australia.

In 2017, The National Museum in Canberra commissioned Natural History Productions to build an articulated skeleton of this 100 million year old dinosaur.

The brief was to have the steel framework hidden, also to correct irregularities in the cast fossils to accurately portray the anatomy of this once great beast. Ewin Wood and Peter Swinkles (ex Museum of Victoria Head Preparator) worked with guidence from expert Paleoentologist Matt Hearn .

Being such a large dinosaur skeleton and on public display, NHP carefully engineered the structural steel framework and armature, employing the skills of metal shaper and welder Jamie Burke. Link : Metal Shaper C8 design

One by one over several months the bones were put together over the framework.  All the steelwork was embedded into the cast bones and with help from artist / zoologist Nici Wright, the casts were painstakingly detailed and colour matched to the original fossil material.  The whole skeleton was made to come apart in sections for transport and reassembly in Canberra.

The dinosaur sections were delivered to Canberra, then onto a large custom built plinth joined seamlessly back together.

Now the Muttaburasaurus is a prominent exhibit in the National Museum Australias great hall.


Link: NMA Muttaburrasaurus remade