We pride ourselves on quality lifelike animal mounts and
 the preservation of a great variety of specimens

Rare skill

Taxidermy is a rare skill, even rarer are good taxidermists. There’s an old saying “It’s whats on the inside that counts” & this is true for good taxidermy work.

Museum quality

Museum training and high standards in taxidermy are used to produce long lasting animal mounts.

Many species

“There’s a thousand ways to skin a cat”. We work with a broad spectrum of species (not just cats), using a variety of well tested techniques to match the peculiarities of the animal. We work with mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish and other invertebrates. Also non-invertebrates such as crustacea insects, molluscs, echinaderms (starfish) and the medusae (jellyfish). We produce traditional mounts, skin studies,  freeze dried specimens, pinned & dried insects, also formalin & alcohol preserved spirit specimens.

Legal collection

If required, we can assist in the arrangement of permits with the relevant authorities for the legal collection and display of animal material.

Best options

In some cases such as open air public displays, or for reasons such as wildlife regulations, traditional taxidermy (stuffed) mounts may not be the best long term option . We advise our clients on this and discuss alternative solutions, such as an animal re-creation. click here to see Animal Re-creations.

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