Yellow Crazy Ant Model

One of our most valued clients, the Brisbane City Council is actively involved in wildlife and invasive species management in and around the Brisbane region.

Of the many potential invasive pests they are dealing with, the Yellow Crazy Ant is one that is a real threat to local wildlife and people and the environment.

This tiny animal is less that 5 mm long but in ‘super’ colonies a mass of these swarming ants can easily account for larger prey. On Christmas Island they are established and have had a real impact on the environment, devastating the land crabs, other invertebrate and small vertebrate populations. They  can also contribute to the die back of trees changing the ecology where their super colonies occur.  See link: Yellow Crazy Ants – Invasive pest

Brisbane City Council is monitoring their occurrence running various field survey programs. they also have a great awareness program educating the public to understand and identify invasive pest species.

NHP was commissioned to produce a 50X enlarged scale model of the Yellow Crazy Ant to be used in their educational display and for the presentations they provide to school children and the public.

This is one of many models that NHP has made for the Brisbane City Council in their efforts to broaden the awareness and educate people about important issues relating to our environment