Crocodile Skulls

Clyde  &  Chad eeling

Two Saltwater Crocodile, Crocodylus porosus skulls were prepared for export to Clyde Peelings Reptile Land, Pennsylvania, USA. They were obtained from ex captive animals held at the Darwin Crocodile Farm, Northern Territory, Australia.


The skulls were prepared using current museum skeletal preservation techniques. They were cleaned of tissue then de-greased and de-natured in a petroleum solvent then further cleaned and sterilised in Hydrogen Peroxide  The final skull bone is completely clean and sterile containing no chemical residue or damaging organisms.
By using current museum preparation techniques, it ensures the skulls are safe and stable for museum display and for storage in sterile collection areas, also the material is safe for shipping & export.


The skulls were packed and the permits and documentation were arranged for the export of protected wildlife to be received at New York Airport. Finally Clyde and Chad Peeling of ‘Clyde Peelings Reptile Land’ in Pennsylvania USA happily recieved their Saltwater Crocodile skulls and will use them for education and display.