Animal Re-creations

We produce high detail or stylised creations.


For over 20 years NHP director Ewin Wood has been working intimately with a myriad of animal species.  Bringing a passion for the natural world, and an eye for detail, NHP creates animals so life-like, they’ll almost crawl, swim or fly away.


Natural History Productions practice the techinical art of scientific model making as well as sculpture.
Thorough research and a detailed understanding of our subjects allows us to produce a very high standard of work.


We combine our specialist skills in modelmaking, sculpting, moulding & casting & new technology ensuring the finished animal re-creations are built to last.

Why Animal Recreations

There are many situations where animal re-creations are better suited for display than traditional taxidermy mounts.  Application: The display may be an outdoor exhibit, hands-on or an enlarged scale depction of an animal. Morphology: the animals physical characteristics like skin type, shape or size can make traditional mounts ineffective. Accessibility: the real animal in question may be exotic and difficult to acquire, its use may be restricted by wildlife legislation or it may even be extinct.

NHP produces quality high detail or low detail animal re-creations to suit your needs.

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