Fossil & Artefact Replicas

We have over 20 years experience in handling fossil
holotypes & sensitive museum artefacts.


Extreme care is used to produce high quality detail replicas ensuring the preservation of the original material.

Skills & Materials

An in-depth knowledge of mould making allows us to produce excellent results. We choose materials such as protective coatings and inert silicones for our moulds, and  cast in durable materials to best suit the application. We are trained & qualified in practical skills such as metalwork & welding enabling us to deliver accurate & dynamic results.

Scientific Work

The Director of NHP, Ewin Wood has years of experience working with museum scientists & paleoentologists. He has qualifactions & an inside-out understanding of animal anatomy. click here to see Taxidermy

Dinosaur Articulations

Articulation of fossil replicas such as Dinosaurs & Megafauna requires practical skills & the ability to work under the guidance of experts in this field. Natural History Productions practices consultative collaboration with the various stakeholders, paleoentologists and other scientific and

Sensitive Artefacts

Ewin has handled and replicated many sensitive artefacts working in conjunction with museum curators, collection managers and conservators.

With Natural History Productions your material is in safe hands.

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