Skeletal Preparation

We use thorough, researched and modern techniques to produce clean, bright & stable bones.

Beware of Amateurs

Amateur skeletal work might look pleasing to the eye initially, but over time problems can occur.  If not prepared correctly, fats & oils migrate to the surface, discolouring the bone, creating a sitcky smelly mess. Corrosive chemicals can often be used incorrectly, doing irreversable damage and eventually producing ‘chalky’ bone.

Use the Professionals

We use modern museum skeletal preparation techniques. The bone is cleaned of tissue then thoroughly de-greased & further cleaned, whitened and sterilised in Hydrogen Peroxide.  The final skull or bones are completely clean and stable, containing no chemical residue or damaging organisms.

By using current museum preparation techniques, NHP ensure the bone is sterile & stable for display, educational use or storage in museum collection areas. We co-ordinate both shipping & export quarantine documentation. click here to see Crocodile skull cleaning.

Natural History Productions specialise in the articulation of skeletons.

From Blue Whale to Budgie, we skillfully piece together any skeleton, be it big or small.

We make no bones about our commitment to quality.

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