Gum Tree – Sussex Heights Primary School

NHP created a centre piece tree of knowledge in a primary school open-plan learning space.

NHP worked closely with the school to practically guide their concepts bringing the tree into fruition.

The theme chosen was an Australian gum tree, with gnarls and nesting hollows and a large burnt out cavity in the base of the trunk; a quiet space for children.

The tree was built over a steel-framework and a large limbs also supported from the building’s roof frame.

NHP built an audio-visual display discreetly embedded into a hollow to showcase images and sounds of the native animals that call gum trees home.

The installation was completed during the mid-year break, and when children entered the room on the first day back they stood in awe, bewildered, at how a tree could grow so quickly in their classroom!

The tree is a permanent fixture in the space, connecting the ouside natural world into the classroom to inspire learning and discovery.