Melbourne Zoo Monkeys

NHP assisted the Melbourne Zoo in upgrades and establishment of three Arboreal Primate Exhibits.

These were the Black Capped Capuchins, Spider Monkey and Cotton Top Tamarins.

In conjunction with the Melbourne Zoo we developed a durable and highly realistic artificial vine. This was designed specifically to suit the behavioral requirements of these arboreal primates. Over 200m of vine was securely installed into the new monkey exhibits, providing a more naturalistic environment.

Long 5m atrificial Bamboo poles were made and securely embedded into the Capuchin exhibit floor, each pole having a rubber bush at its base to allow for natural movement.

Several large feature branches and Bracket Fungi with inbuilt thermo controlled heating elements were incorporated into the exhibit. During the cooler days of winter these natural features allow the monkeys to warm themselves and rest whilst they remain visible on display.

The replacement of the large climbing trees (exhibit furniture) involved liason with local councils parks authorities and land holders. From a number of sources we aquired appropriate and durable hardwood trees. NHP managed the project and the provision of specialist contractors to collect, transport and install the large tree material.

NHP organized the opening of the the Spider Monkey enclosure roof, carefully negotiating the difficult and limited access. Using a crane, the trees were successfully lowered through the opening and securely fixed into the enclosure floor.

These upgrades have greatly improved the primates enclosure habitat and the Melbourne Zoos visitor viewing experience.