Taxidermy Warragamba Dam

The Warragamba Dam Visitor Centre in New South Wales offers its visitors a glimpse into the history of the dam, and the protected natural catchment area.

Not only providing Sydney with its drinking water, the dams catchment protects vast forests and is important habitat for rare plants and animals.

NHP worked with Water NSW to prepare taxidermy mounts and animal recreations of some the iconic native species protected within the catchment.

NHP had the responsibility to ethically source and prepare these animals for their interpretative display. Using the wide network of contacts in parks and wildlife and museums Australia-wide, NHP gained the support of institutions such as the Queen Victoria Museum in Launceston, in providing a platypus and quoll specimen that had died of natural causes.

NHP produced high quality taxidermy mounts, along with specimens including native water rat, echidna, turtle and a large northern long-finned eel.

These provide a close-up view of these rare and shy animals in an beautifully presented interpretative exhibit.