The Old Great North Road, New South Wales

This World Heritage Walk highlights a historic convict-built road with scenic river views in Dharug National Park.

New South Wales Parks and Wildlife have an interpretation trail, which follows the old road giving travelers some idea of the amazing engineering and physical feats of these men under such harsh conditions.

NHP was engaged by Armsign, to refresh the new interpretative signage along the trail.

NHP produced polished stainless steel cast replicas of various convict tools, clothes, and even a cat o’ nine tails whip.

These were secured to large sand-stone blocks, which support the signage.

The metal artifact replicas add a tactile, physical, dimension to the interpretative signs.

NHP replicated actual artifacts and collected historical tools of the era, and used lost wax and sand-cast techniques employing the help of local steel foundries’, to pour the casts.

These were then hand-polished and treated to withstand the outdoor conditions, they will endure for years to come.